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Yoga Touch and Other Workshops

Yoga Touch Workshops

Relax... We got you!

The following is a list of our current Yoga Touch Series:
- Hot Stone Restorative

- Aromatherapy

- Chakra

- Release to Increase

These series of workshops continue to evolve to support our yogis in different ways. A little touch goes a long way, and that is the base foundation for all of these classes. Available in 90 min. and 60 min. sequences, see the difference our touch can make.

Grow Your Practice Workshops

Exploring meditation, self careĀ and more!

These workshops aim to deepen a yogi's practice both on and off the mat, exploring topics relating to both their physical and spiritual practice.

Participants engage in open dialogue, receiving support and answers that sometimes aren't available in a traditional style yoga class. Providing students with new tools and knowledge to embrace their journey.